Must Visit Places near Coorg

Coorg, as nicknamed the Scottland of India, offers an unparalleled nature retreat. A paradisical elegance and opulence is what it portrays with its lush wilderness and splendid aura. At Ibbanicadu Estate Homestay, Coorg, we aim to bring the best that Coorg has to offer to create a rejuvenating holiday in Coorg. As major tourist attractions located in close proximity, our homestay brings you unforgettable vacation experience at one of the best homestays in Coorg.

Madikeri Fort


Madikeri Palace, located inside Madikeri Fort, is a beautiful building with red tile roofing. The palace that once served as home for the kings of yesteryears resonates with the charm of old-world architecture. The Kote Maha Ganapathi temple within the premises of the Madikeri Fort is a serious contender in the famous Madikeri Dasara festival.

Raja Seat


The well-maintained garden around the Raja's Seat of Madikeri is a spread of a variety of flowering plants. Come spring, the whole garden is in full bloom and this attracts a variety of butterflies and bumblebees. The dancing musical water fountain within the garden keeps one captivated. The garden also has a toy train that appeals to kids and adults alike. The train ride offers a beautiful view of the endless expanse of sun-kissed mountains and valley surrounding the pavilion. 



A right deviating road just 4 km before Abbi Falls will lead to Mandalpatti. The place is known for breathtaking views, vast grasslands and dense forests. There is no bus facility to this place. Own vehicle or taking a cab is advised. Also, make sure that you carry enough food and water as there are no shops around here. 

The place is ideal for trekking enthusiasts. Tickets should be purchased at the base before embarking on the trek. 

Abbey Falls


The roar of the waterfall can be heard from the main road. The Cauvery water gushing through a gorge plummets down a 70 feet plunge to form the milky white falls. Though the waterfall is non-perennial and has water even in the summer months the best time to visit the waterfall is in monsoon or in the months of early winter when the stream swells with fresh rains. Here, the water tumults with an enormous force over the boulders into a calm pool causing a chilly mist cloud to rise and hover over the falls.

Nagarahole National Park

The Royal Bengal Tiger at Nagarhole National Park

The moist deciduous forest of the Nagarahole National Park is also home to leopards, sloth bears, slender loris, flying squirrel, giant Malabar squirrel, cheetahs, panthers, porcupines and a variety of other mammals such as grey langurs. If one has a keen eye for it, then one can also site a variety of slithering reptiles such as vine snakes, rattlesnakes, bamboo pit viper, Russell viper, cobras and Indian rock python too. Nagarahole National Park nests over 300 species of birds of both migratory and local indigenous kinds. The most common of them are woodpeckers, robins, sparrows, scarlet minivet, Indian ibis, peacocks, etc.

Make us a part of your story in your Coorg diaries, and experience the scenic paradise of Coorg with us. 

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